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Five Points Historic Homes


Five Points Historic Homes

809 Randolph Avenue

809 Pratt Avenue 1906 Booth – Putman House - this Victorian cottage is the oldest home on this block, with a ca.1920 addition of a bungalow porch with patterned brick, and slender columns. The steeply pitched roof, transom over the ornamental wood front door, and tall windows maintain the Victorian framework of this home.

Built by A. M. Booth, who moved to Huntsville in 1899. A home builder and owner of one of the largest lumberyards in the City, Mr. Booth felt that everyone should "wn your own home, it makes for happiness, good citizenship and stimulates thrift and industry".

This home was also owned by the Putman family from 1937-1986; LuVicie Putman was a seamstress at Dunnavants Department Store.

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