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Old Huntsville Photo Album

Private and Public Pictures of Huntsville's Past


These Huntsville photos are used with permission of © Old Huntsville Inc. They were taken from Volume One of a three volume set. Each CD has over 400 pictures on it. There are hundreds of rare and valuable photographs from Huntsville's past--from both public sources and private collections--including photos of the Civil War era, the Cotton Mills, WWII, all the way up to when Huntsville became the Space Capital of the Universe. For more info on buying the photo albums from Old Huntsville Magazine, you can email them at Old Huntsville or call (256) 534-0502.
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Preparing for a 4th of July parade in 1914.4th of July Parade 1914An 1890's photograph of the famed Monte Santo Hotel. Monte Sano Hotel 1890sBrice Mitchel Evans, circa 1890’s.  This is my great-great-uncle.Brice Mitchel EvansPhoto circa 1899.Columbus Buggy Works once located at Green and Randolph Streets.  Photo circa 1899.Columbus Buggy Works
The downtown square was once the sight of the largest cotton market in North Alabama.Cotton MarketPicking cotton in Madison for two cents a pound, circa 1950’s.Cotton PickingElks Theater once located on the corner of Green and Eustis, circa 1930’sElks TheaterThe Lyric Theatre on Washington Street, circa 1957.Lyric Theater
The home of Molly Teal, one of Huntsville’s most famous madams. Molly Teal HomeThe Huntsville Grey’s baseball team in 1932.1932 Baseball TeamThe Big Spring in snow, 1895.Big Spring in 1895The Big Spring pump house furnished Huntsville’s Water supply. Circa 1890’s.Big Spring Pumphouse
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