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First United Methodist Church

120 Green Street


From 4-6 pm on December 13th, free concert and refreshments.
First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church - 120 Green Street

This imposing brick church built in 1869-74 replaced an 1832 church that was burned accidentally in 1864. Union army soldiers confiscated the church to use as a barracks and a hospital during the Civil War.

The communion table and rail are original to the first church and were rescued from the fire.

During modifications in 1899, the belfry was topped with the spire and cross. The brick church was covered with stucco during the same project. Angel heads adorning the front doors are original to the church. Additional angel heads at the windows were added in 1899.

The baptismal font was given in memory of druggist and community leader John Lewis Rison.

From 4-6 pm on December 13th, free concert. As you arrive, you will be welcomed by Holiday Greeters among luminaries surrounding the church. In Wesley Center in the New Song Sanctuary, you can enjoy the Chistmas Story and music of the season from the Heavenly Honkers, brass band. Enjoy hot cider and cookies. The church's "Bicentennial Editin" cookbook will be available for purchas.

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