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Harmony Park Safari - Wild Animal Preserve - Part I


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Shooting Wild Animals...With Your Camera!
This Emu Refused to Move

This Emu Refused to Move

Harmony Park Safari is an unusual attraction for Huntsville. I haven't laughed so much in a long time as I did when my friend Nancy and I went to check out Harmony Park Safari, a federally licensed nature preserve of free-ranging exotic & endangered animals. This is a "drive-through" animal park where you are required to remain in your car on the two-mile route to see zebras, zebus, antelope, buffalo, a camel, ostriches, pythons & crocodiles. We tried to roll down the car windows to get clearer pictures, but the animals thought we had food and came right up to the car. We played a hasty game of hide-and-seek with them...sometimes almost loosing out to the emus!
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