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The Rocket City In Pictures


Huntsville is a unique city, mixing the history and beauty of the antebellum period right beside the ultra-modern vision of the Space Program. The click of a camera captures some amazing moments, people and events. Enjoy photos of Huntsville that highlights the variety of our city including museums, attractions, events, historic home tours, restaurants and gardens.
  1. Photos of Attractions & Museums
  2. Photos of Houses & Home Tours
  3. Going Out for Dinner & a Movie
  4. Photos of Animals & Pets
  1. Celebrating Huntsville's Past
  2. Photos of Nature & Growing Things
  3. Huntsville Celebrities & People
  4. Huntsville Events & Festivals

Photos of Attractions & Museums

US Space & Rocket Center

Huntsville and the surrounding area has many great tourist attrations to delight the local people and the visitors to Alabama.

Photos of Houses & Home Tours

There are several home tours of private houses throughout the year in Huntsville. See photos of the CASA Kitchen Tour, Historic Foundation's Pilgrimage, the Burritt Museum's Tour of Homes and the Weeden House's "Spirit of Christmas Past" Tour.

Going Out for Dinner & a Movie

Restaurant & Movies

A lot of our entertainment involves dinner & a movie. Here's some photos of some of Huntsville's top restaurants and two of the newer movie theaters.

Photos of Animals & Pets

Tigers For Tomorrow

There are a lot of opportunities to see wild animals in the Huntsville area. Here are photos of Tigers For Tomorrow, SilverWolf Horse Sanctuary, GHHS Pet Calendar Entries, and other local pets.

Celebrating Huntsville's Past

Old Huntsville Photo Album

Huntsville is proud of her history and embraces the past in her architect, literature, and annual events like the Maple Hill Cementery Stroll and the different Civil War Reenactments.

Photos of Nature & Growing Things


Huntsville's wonderful climate allows for a variety of trees, bushes, flowers and vines to grow. Here's some photos of flowering things in different seasons of the year. You'll also find some of Huntsville's private citizens home gardens that have been open for different fundraising tours.

Huntsville Celebrities & People

Taylor Hicks

The people of Huntsville are unique, most exhibiting Southern Charm and Southern hospitality. I've got photos of "ordinary" people doing extraordinary things and photos of celebrities stopping by Huntsville in their busy lives. Even President Obama came to Huntsville during his campaign for the Presidency. You'll also find Taylor Hicks, Bo bice, Loretta Lynn and others in the photo gallery.

Huntsville Events & Festivals

Big Spring Jam

Huntsville & the surrounding area is the perfect size town to gather its citizens together for events and festivals like Big Spring Jam, Panoply, Concerts in the Park and other fun events. The next time one of these happenings are scheduled, plan on showing up and joining in on the fun!

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