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Blue MedSpa

Blue MedSpa

I have a friend who has never been to a spa. She says she has no desire to go to one. I'm the exact opposite--I can't think of anything more wonderful. If money were no object, I'd go to the spa every day, week after week. The Blue MedSpa in Bridge Street Towne Center (next to the Westin Hotel) in Huntsville is one of the best. Expect world-class treatment in a full-service spa. They do everything from haircuts to tummy tucks at Blue MedSpa.

What Is Blue MedSpa?

Blue MedSpa came to Huntsville to take over the space of former Heavenly Spa by Westin. Some of the decor is the same, but the concept is much more encompassing. Blue MedSpa offers "the latest in Clinical Medical Esthetics, Traditional Spa Services and Lifestyle Based Wellness Programs." What that means is that Blue MedSpa takes care of you no matter what age or stage of life you are in. Whether you're trying to get healthy, need a "tune up" or a major "overhaul," Blue MedSpa can accommodate your special needs. Their staff includes a board certified plastic surgeon, an aesthetic specialist physician, anti-aging physician, and a team of health and wellness providers. Besides customized facials and Microdermabrasion peels, Blue MedSpa offers massage therapy, body treatments, detox treatments, complete hair and nails services. You can also get laster liposuction, skin tightening, cellulite treatments, anti-aging treatments, botox injections, dermal fillers, and even teeth whitening. Couples massages are offered. There is also a lounge area where you can have a small bridesmaid party or girlfriend day-away.

Blue MedSpa is renovating rooms above the spa to include an operating room, reception area, recovery room and several treatment rooms. There are free consultations with the physicians when they are on duty.

Blue MedSpa's sister spa is located in Midtown Atlanta. The Huntsville location is open Monday through Saturday, 9 am-9 pm and Sunday from 9 am-7 pm. For more information or to make an appointment, call (256) 428-2034. Sign up for their email newsletter to stay informed of specials and updates.

My Visit To Blue MedSpa

When I arrived at the spa early on Tuesday morning, I was notified that I was scheduled for a manicure/pedicure and a "Fire & Ice" facial. First, though, I had to fill out a lengthy health questionnaire. Then I was given a tour of the facilities and finally taken to the Ladies' locker room, where I was assigned a locker and given a comfortable white robe and slippers to slip into. The lounge area of the locker room is appealing with low lights and candles, a big screen TV, ice water or hot tea for sipping and some snacks for munching.

I didn't have long to wait before Bianca came to get me for my mani/pedi. I immediately asked her what was so different about their nail treatments. She said it was the products they use--they use all natural products and a line called Pure Figi, which uses coconut milk and oil.

After I chose the OPI nail colors I wanted to use, I settled into the leather pedicure chair, turned on the massage dials to roll & vibrate on my back while I settled in for a royal treatment. The Pure Figi products smelled delicious and made my skin feel soft and young again. Magic! A massage of my feet and legs, hot towels on my feet and I was a new woman. The manicure went pretty much the same.

Fire & Ice Facial

After my nails were done, I was escorted back to the ladies lounge and given a steaming cup of herbal tea to enjoy while I waited for my next appointment. Off the lounge is the locker room and changing rooms, showers, a hot tub to enjoy and mirrors with all the amenities to assist you in getting ready to go back to work or out in the world. There's hair dryers, shampoo, towels.

While I was there, I met a couple of girls that were old college roommates and had decided to make a day of it. They'd started by relaxing in the hot tub, then enjoyed lunch in the sitting room, before stating their spa treatments. They were having massages and pedicures.

Finally it was time for my facial. Kim, a licensed aesthetician, came to escort me to one of the treatment rooms for my Fire & Ice facial. The bed was heated and the low lights, serene music and soothing facial massage made the whole experience divine. The facial was call "Fire" for the cinnamon herbs in the lotion, then the "Ice" was the Spearmint ingredients to finish the facial off. It was refreshing and I thought I must look at least 5 years younger.

Their are several steps to getting a facial. Mine took about 40 minutes, but depending on what you are having done, you could possibly have a facial over your lunch hour and still make it back to work on time. If you've never had a facial, I recommend that you try one. The light touch of the facial & scalp massage is invigorating and will remind you of how your skin felt when it was "baby soft."

Spas are ways to pamper yourself and make any day special.

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