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Day Spas in Huntsville - Avant Day Spa Review


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The End to a Perfect Day...
Day Spas in Huntsville - Avant Day Spa Review

Serene Massage Room

During my warm stone massage, some of the stones were placed under the sheet for me to lay on. Others were placed on my spine to ease and relax the tension in my muscles. Still others were used in the actual massaging of my skin. As the stones cooled, they were replaced with warm ones. This was very relaxing and soothing.

All too soon, my time was up. I had to leave this peaceful, serene room. The massage therapist always says to "take your time and get up when you feel ready." The problem is--I'd like to stay another couple hours!

This experience at Avant Salon & Day Spa is my idea of a perfect day. Now it's just a memory...but a very pleasant one. If you'd like more information on Avant, located at 7900 Bailey Cove Road, Suite 7A (next to Tuesday Morning), you can call them at (256) 881-9573.

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