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The Royal Treatment
Dunagan Yate & Allison Spa #4
After a thorough kneading, she slipped my fingers into Infuz Moisturizing Gloves (which I got to take home). All I needed was the fingernail polish to have a manicure along with this facial!

All too soon, the lights were turned back on and my facial treatment was over. I begged for more, but the next client had already been waiting for Galina's magical hands.

This Skin Life Spa Facial at Dunagan Yates & Alison Center for Aesthetic Arts was a royal treatment and included much more than a "facial." Galina says that everyone needs a renewal facial after the long winter months to help get your skin in top shape. I felt so relaxed (although Galina thought I could have relaxed more) and totally refreshed after my facial. One thing about facials, though: your hair gets all messed up and you hate to put make-up on afterwards because your skin feels so good. I wanted to hide while I was in such a state but had some errands to run before I could go home and "fix" myself. I ran into a woman twenty years younger than me while I was out and quickly apologized for my appearance, explaining that I'd just come from a facial. She immediately responded with "I wish I could look that good without makeup!" Gee...maybe I should cancel my appointment for the free natural makeup consultation!

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