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Heavenly Spa By Westin in Bridge Street


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"Red Carpet" Facial...
Heavenly Spa By Westin in Bridge Street

Lounge in Ladies Locker Room

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Next, I was taken to the facial room and given the epicuren classic enzyme facial. My aesthetician, Cody, said that this facial has been nicknamed “The Red Carpet” or "Hollywood" facial because it has three masks that help tighten your skin. It’s like a mini-face lift! The first mask is a hot peel mask. It feels (and smells) like red hots candy on your face. It’s very invigorating. The epicuren is an enzyme based line. It is a manmade enzyme that mimics the enzyme found inside the mouth. Did you know that the inside of the mouth never ages and heals very quickly with no scarring? That’s what this hot peel mask does: it “eats” the dead skin cells off your face!
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