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Terrame Day Spa Review


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Milk & Honey Body Treatment
Terrame Day Spa Review

Body Treatment Room

After a relaxing time in the Hydrotherapy tub, I was shown to the lounge but didn't have to wait long until Hillary came to get me for my Milk & Honey Body Treatment. The treatment is in a Vichy Shower--or as Hillary said "a horizontal shower--a European water massage that originated in Vichy, France. These body treatments are like the body wraps that other spas have...only you get to stay in one place and get rinsed. I found the "shower" hard and uncomfortable, but worth the convenience of not having to get up and shower afterwards.

First Hillary used a sugar scrub to exfoliate my skin and then applied a warm milk and honey mixture. The specialized shower provides a waterfall-like rain shower massage that aligns with each chakra energy center in your body. Afterwards, a body hydrating cream is used to lock in moisture and vital nutrients. This was a great way to get smooth skin and feel great.

Terrame offers five different body treatments, ranging in price from $85 to $120:

  • Body Facial
  • Milk & Honey Body Treatment
  • Body Therapy Hydro-Pack
  • Terrame Signature Body Treatment
  • Enzymatic Sea Mud Treatment

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