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Theatre Huntsville Presents "Woman in Black"

Don't Let it Scare You!


Phil Parker & Rob Olmstead in TH
The Woman In Black, Susan Hill's novel, adapted for the stage by Stephen Mallatratt, is a good, old-fashioned ghost story that is virtually guaranteed to scare you. If you don't like horror, you'll love this play; if you do like horror, you'll line up to see this show again. The Woman In Black is frightening, without being gruesome, in much the same way as M. Night Shyamalin's The Sixth Sense, using subtlety and fantastic acting to convey the terror to the audience, preferring to keep the audience biting their collective nails rather than going for the shock effect of screams.

The premise of the play is simple: Arthur Kipps (Rob Olmstead), a London solicitor, employs a young actor (Phil Parker) to help him tell the story that has haunted him since his youth, in an attempt to exorcise the spirit that troubles him. As a young lawyer, he was sent to the tiny, out of the way town of Crythin Gifford to settle the affairs of Mrs. Alice Drablow, one of his firm's oldest clients, after her death. As the play unfolds, the audience is drawn further and further into Kipps' story, experiencing the horror of it along with him.

Superbly acted by Phil Parker and Rob Olmstead, both veterans of the stage, this production promises to be one of the best on a Huntsville stage this year. Parker is a multiple award-winning actor, having been honored through the Theatre Huntsville Awards Much Ado About Nothing; Twickenham Repertory Company and the Wings Awards and by the highly competitive SETC Community Theatre Festival, winning "Best Supporting Actor" honors for the entire Southeastern region for his role in Holy Ghosts. Olmstead also has a long theatrical resume, having been on stages in Rochester, NY; Los Angeles; and here in Huntsville.He has also worked as an extra on such shows as Third Rock From The Sun, Beverly Hills 90210, and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. He has been nominated for several acting awards with Theatre Huntsville and Huntsville Little Theatre , and won "Best Actor" in a One Act for his work in Rochester, NY. They are directed in this show by David French and assistant director Joshua Olive.

Theatre Huntsville is proud to present The Woman In Black at the Von Braun Center Playhouse, and invites you to come and step into the shadows for an unforgettable theatre experience!

Students & Seniors: $12.00

Show Dates/Times: October 29, 30, November 4, 5, 6 - 7:30 p.m.
October 31 and November 6 - 2:30 p.m.

For more information, please call: (256) 536-0807

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