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Ars Nova Presents "Hello, Dolly!"


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Waiters Show Dolly Some Respect
Dolly with Waiters in

Dolly with Waiters in "Hello, Dolly!"

The "Hello, Dolly!" number at the Harmonia Gardens restaurant in the opening of Act II is certainly worth the price of admission and I hope you'll go to see it. It sent chills down my spine and for a minute, I thought I was seeing a Broadway Show!

Speaking of the Hello, Dolly! number, I must say a word about the seven "waiters" in that number: they came dangerously close, at least to me, of "stealing" the show! It was pure delight to watch them. Choreographer Stephanie Braly must be congratulated for their dramatic moves.

Ticket Information
$22.00, $18.00 seniors and $15.00 students
Tickets may be purchased at Shaver's Bookstore, Cluxton's Jewelry in Athens or by calling Ars Nova at 883-1105.

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