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2006 George Lindsay Film Festival

By Susann Elsass

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Festival Broadens Its Reach...
2006 George Lindsay Film Festival

Directors Chairs and Schedule greet festival guests at the Lori Davis Gallery.

The shear number of films screened at this year’s festival gave the organizers a reason to broaden the reach of the festival. Films were screened at several venues in the Shoals area including The Lori Davis Gallery, Gas Studios, The Florence-Lauderdale Public Library, The Fizz Lounge, FAME Recording Studios and the Nolen Cole Gallery.

Some of the educational panels and the awards banquet were held at the Keynote room and of course there were screening rooms located in the Guillot Center on the UNA Campus. It was really neat the way they were able to match up some of the screenings with related businesses. The animations were shown at the Nolen Cole Gallery, which is owned by Michale Cole. He returned to the Shoals a few years back after a career as an artist for Disney. He is also licensed to create drawings of Warner Brothers Characters.

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